Sins of the Father: Explaining The Fascination With Ancestors The term ancestor refers to the people in one’s family lineage who precede them. Ancestors include parents, grand-parents, great-grand-parents and so forth through the history of that family’s lineage. The link between the individuals is genetic, meaning that all members of a family lineage have genetic […]


The History & Possible Future Of Genealogy Humans have always been interested in our history, where we’ve come from and what forefathers have shaped where we are today. The very first genealogical records that people kept were last names. Family names were used to identify people as descendent from a certain line, the same is […]

Ancestor Worship

What Is Ancestor Worship? Ancestor worship is a practice, notably common in Chinese culture, of paying respect to or venerating deceased relatives. It is not a religion per-se, but a belief that one’s ancestors have the ability to perceive and influence worldly events and the lives of their descendants. Ancestor Veneration is a form of […]

Most Recent Common Ancestor

MRCA & Mitochondrial Eve MRCA, or Most Recent Common Ancestor, is usually used to discuss the genealogy of organisms within a given species. Essentially, the MRCA of all living humans (homo sapiens) would be an individual from whom we are all descended – not necessarily the first human being, but the most recent to have […]

Single Origin Theory

The Single Origin Theory The most popular theory of modern human origin begins in Africa. This theory contrasts with the regional development hypothesis, which claims that different groups of humans developed from different homo subspecies. The single origin theory has been gaining steam in anthropological circles since the 1980s, when studies of human mitochondrial DNA […]

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